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Effective management solutions

from personnel recruitment to marketing strategies

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MedinaArt Ltd was established in 2007 for implementing marketing and consulting projects in the furniture market and thanks to its founder Marina Lebedeva’s competences the company’s services quickly became popular among clients in such areas as transportation, industrial and territorial development, NGO management.

MedinaArt’s efforts are comprehensive and cover all required management solutions from personnel recruitment to designing and implementing marketing strategies which companies face when undergoing major changes or launching new projects. To address these objectives renowned experts, knowing one of the relevant fields each, are invited. The experts form mobile project groups and reach the goals set by the client effectively and quickly. This approach makes it possible to increase productivity of the efforts and accelerate accomplishing goals.

Focus areas

Management Consulting

Change management and start up project management, staffing and personnel issues, cross-cultural communication and sustainable development

Strategic Marketing

Marketing strategy development, design thinking technique introduction, innovation commercialization

Foreign companies’ localization in Russia

Localization of companies with foreign investments in Russia: start up projects, full cycle company consulting

GR project consulting

GR project consulting, including legal aspects and analyzing federal and local legislation in the Russian Federation

PR consulting

PR and GR campaign developing and running in Europe and in the Russian Federation

Event management

Running large-scale and local events, exhibitions, production launching ceremonies and competitions from idea development stage to the final stage

The industries we work in

Transport industry

Territory development for industrial and housing construction

Wood industry and furniture production

Design and creative industries


International children’s design, visual and applied art contest 

“Room of my dream"

Business Associations

List of references

ICSER Leontief Centre (Russia) * FTMI ITMO University (Russia) * Ust Luga Company JSC (Russia) * ICSER Leontief Centre (Russia) * Fund of Contribution to Innovative Development and Staffing of Leningrad Region Economy (Russia) * Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (Italy) * Мazorca projects (Great Britain) *

Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia *

 «Vesna» JSC (Russia) * Gruppo Sintesi (Italy)

Key clients and partners

Our team

Broadly experienced practitioners and high category professionals


Co-Founder, MBA

  • Management Consultant (specialized in organizational changes, start-ups, strategic marketing, GR and PR), top manager with 30 years of experience
  • Marina Lebedeva holds MBA degree, she studied at High Point University, took classes in management consulting from Nobel Prize Laureate Wassily Leontief in New York and graduated from the High School of Economics at Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.
  • Marina Lebedeva started her career as a management consultant in one of the world’s major consultancies - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited - by a contract with USAID.
  • She worked successfully with Russian and foreign businesses: German, French, Italian, British, Finnish, Swedish and Maltese.
  • Marina Lebedeva was among founders of the entrepreneurship development and support system in Saint Petersburg and Russia. She has experience of successful implementation of major investment projects with foreign participation.



  • Over 25 years of experience in the development of the woodworking and furniture industries and related associations working both in the EU and in countries with economies in transition
  • Over 30 years of experience in research and development, especially in the field of automation, in more than 40 applied research projects in 4 countries
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of training programs at technical universities (Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland)
  • Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management. He has experience in developing curricula within a dual system, a modular system related to e-learning issues. Experience in preparing VET based on assessment of training needs, ensuring the quality of training
  • Proven experience of national and international institutional building of relevant public-private partnerships
  • Extensive experience in creating bachelor and master degree programs



  • Viktoria Sharapova has 17 years’ experience in personnel management including 8 years of working as a Personnel Director;
  • She has 12 years of consulting experience
  • Viktoria Sharapova worked for companies of regional and federal level and multibranch holdings with personnel numbers from 400 to 50 000 persons;
  • She worked in the following industries: transport, logistics, development, dredging, telecommunications, pulp and paper and wood industry and industrial construction and housing;
  • She has experience of working in corporations and company groups both at headquarters and factories.
  • Board Member, Board of Directors’ Member of subsidiaries and dependent business companies;
  • Experienced in working with foreign companies;
  • Understanding methods of work with the Russian State Railways (RZD) and other state-owned monopolies
  • Strategic and operational tasks management in the sphere of personnel management, interaction with shareholders and representatives of executive and legislative power;
  • Ms. Sharapova has experience of cooperation with a number of higher education institutions of Saint Petersburg and she set up the «Institute of Competence Enhancement» at an existing technical higher education institution;
  • She has 13 years’ experience of tailored HR and management trainings, teaching at higher education institutions and speaking and session moderating at conferences;
  • Professional publications in “Personnel Management Handbook”, “Expert” and “HR Journal”.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova (Griboedov Channel Embankment), 5, office 423

phone  +7(906)270-64-17


«MedinaArt» Ltd.

Griboedov Business Center, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova (Griboedov Channel Embankment) 5, office 423 

phone +7 (906)270-64-17

e-mail: info@medinaart.ru

+7 (906) 270-64-17