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Medina Art suggests complex solution of managerial tasks - from recruitment of personnel to the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

Modern companies exist in an era of constant uncertainty, which forces them to turn constant changes and improvements into business processes. Today, even a mature business needs creative strategies and the launch of new projects, which requires high professionalism and foresight. Thanks to the competencies and experience of the founder of the company Marina Lebedeva and German partner Thomas Stautmeister, you can be sure that solutions for your business will be found! An individual approach, “smart” goal setting and the development of creative strategies for rapidly achieving results are the hallmarks of our work.

We work with international partners and are ready to provide you with business consultation in Russian, English and German. Medina Art LTD has already helped dozens of large and small enterprises in various fields: transport and furniture industries, industrial and territorial development, management of non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship. Founded in 2007 to implement marketing and consulting projects in the furniture market, the company very quickly gained trust in other industries.

Medina Art LTD creates effective teams for the task set by the client, which allows to optimize its budgets and time. Our work is based on approach that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of business processes in your company and accelerate the achievement of its goals.


EcoDesign Circle 4.0

Details about project events

Focus areas

Management Consulting

Change management and start up project management, staffing and personnel issues, cross-cultural communication and sustainable development

Strategic Marketing

Marketing strategy development, design thinking technique introduction, innovation commercialization

Foreign companies’ localization in Russia

Localization of companies with foreign investments in Russia: start up projects, full cycle company consulting

GR project consulting

GR project consulting, including legal aspects and analyzing federal and local legislation in the Russian Federation

PR consulting

PR and GR campaign developing and running in Europe and in the Russian Federation

Event management

Running large-scale and local events, exhibitions, production launching ceremonies and competitions from idea development stage to the final stage

EcoDesign Circle 4.0

Currently, Medina Art LTD, as a Russian partner, is implementing the international project “EcoDesign Circle 4.0”, which is aimed at developing ecodesign as one of the driving forces of the economy of the Baltic Sea region. This project brings together designers, business representatives and specialists in sustainable development from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia and Russia, as well as those who are interested in implementation of technologies that can reduce the negative impact on the environment at all stages of the product’s life cycle. The project is funded by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Program grant.

A key aim of "Ecodesign and Circular Economy 4.0" is to reduce the negative impact of a product or service on the environment. Ecodesign refers to innovative design solutions that take into consideration the entire life cycle of a product or service – from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and exploitation– all the way to recycling, “reparability”, and disposal. Minimization of pollutants during the production period is just as important as it is during the product’s lifetime. However, ecodesign is a flexible and evolving concept that is better considered as an approach to design than as a label for eco-friendly products.

The use of energy-efficient and eco-friendly resources is certainly an important aspect, but the concept of ecodesign goes beyond this. It is a holistic approach, keeping in view environmental, social and economic benefits as well as aesthetically appealing and durable design. Ecodesign by its nature fosters innovation and promotes behavioral change in producers and consumers towards product-service systems and self-sufficiency. It envisions “ecologically-minded” thinking not as an add-on but as part of the fundamental design process right from the start. Once it has made the leap from theory to practice, ecodesign can help achieve the move towards a circular economy that benefits people and the environment.

Video about the project: https://vimeo.com/466094229

Media publications about us: what ecodesign and circular economy are and how they will change our lives: https://www.spb.kp.ru/daily/21712090/4326609/

The industries we work in

Transport industry

Territory development for industrial and housing construction

Wood industry and furniture production

Design and creative industries


International children’s design, visual and applied art contest 

“Room of my dream"

Social Entrepreneurship

List of references

ICSER Leontief Centre (Russia) * FTMI ITMO University (Russia) * Ust Luga Company JSC (Russia) * ICSER Leontief Centre (Russia) * Fund of Contribution to Innovative Development and Staffing of Leningrad Region Economy (Russia) * Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (Italy) * Мazorca projects (Great Britain) *

Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia *

 «Vesna» JSC (Russia) * Gruppo Sintesi (Italy)

Key clients and partners

Our team

Broadly experienced practitioners and high category professionals


Co-Founder, MBA

  • Management Consultant (specialized in organizational changes, start-ups, strategic marketing, GR and PR), top manager with 30 years of experience
  • Marina Lebedeva holds MBA degree, she studied at High Point University, took classes in management consulting from Nobel Prize Laureate Wassily Leontief in New York and graduated from the High School of Economics at Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.
  • Marina Lebedeva started her career as a management consultant in one of the world’s major consulting companies - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited - by a contract with USAID.
  • She worked successfully with Russian and foreign businesses: German, French, Italian, British, Finnish, Swedish and Maltese.
  • Marina Lebedeva was among founders of the entrepreneurship development and support system in Saint Petersburg and Russia. She has experience of successful implementation of major investment projects with foreign participation.



  • Over 25 years of experience in the development of the woodworking and furniture industries and related associations, working both in the EU and in countries with economies in transition
  • Over 30 years of experience in research and development, especially in the field of automation, in more than 40 applied research projects in 4 countries
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of training programs at technical universities (Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland)
  • Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management. He has experience in developing curricula within a dual system, a modular system related to e-learning issues. Experience in preparing VET based on assessment of training needs, ensuring the quality of training
  • Proven experience of national and international institutional building of relevant public-private partnerships
  • Extensive experience in creating bachelor and master degree programs

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova (Griboedov Channel Embankment), 5, office 419

phone  +7(906)270-64-17


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Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova (Griboedov Channel Embankment) 5, office 419 

phone: +7 (906)270-64-17

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